The Freshest Cut Flowers

Our namesake

Fun fact: "The Parcel" is what we called the first little plot of land we ever grew flowers on, back in 2018. It had been lent to us by a generous neighbor. And so began a spark of an idea: "what if we grew flowers on micro-farms around our community?"

5 years and 6 "Parcels" later, our flower farm is a full blown operation and the name has officially stuck.

We love how this model connects us to our community while enabling us to develop an even closer relationship with nature.

Become a member

Members of our CSA support our farm by buying a share of our harvest before the season begins, helping us with the up-front costs of the farming operation.

In addition to getting ultra fresh flowers during the harvest at below-market value, join both our CSAs and you'll get 10% off everything in our store all year round.

Join our CSA

Join our CSA!